VII. Crimes and Skirmishes


Book One: Prehistory


Krtnrhhtannharntonrntonkoamkhrgdab preceding bzingle bziz entingle with afterimage dittledottle ransampl ransackl ransansantana and a reflection upon glassy lake -- adjectified and unnouned. Sandstruck.

Into the crater migrated the Fulgerhites in full girth and height, standing frajly like petrified arteries; filial follicles upon the foc'stle of fan-tanned sand in a land where riverrun circulates by comedius lucas past tattooweenvirons.

Belcho meet Lavalo. Lavalo meet Belcho. Scree scree scro scro skrubadee >squonnnnk! And a krakadance cupifies the entered sandman and kidrock into obsolescent sidius. Drol Sidian and the Fulgerhite kernel bore the wait of presequential providence and ushered in the First Age of Glass (±÷3,10 - € £ 004t).


Book Two: Postprehistory


Chapter 1 - Age of Exporation

Le lam limeys liscovered le lorld. Loocan leeyitin leveryling, lumthuh lipping lanes loothuh lapsuv lontinentsn listsuv launan leasts. Ley leased le lorld -- lats light -- ley lonqueredn leastidall. Lithout lem lall libes looduv len lost. Lats limeys. Le lovm.


Chapter 2 - Age of Society

So, da l'accident left occidental expatriarchs very tay. Sonnendonse flim féte civils verum behind lay club day sams on deligh la cache d'ramen why vou on record from the new world. Collage music, composers ink, double reeds, faye's brother, order of the ostrich, car parts for smokers, penguin copycats, reverse specialists, the permanently falling, silly knights, kontrapunk'd, dirty deeders, spillcan dandies, gruff ruffians (bruff, hruff), pistilstamens, whipperwillowisps, counters of infinite things, nightly oracles (commercials synchronized), well-heeled faith healers, blind insect warriors, chief executive offerer, ombudsyogi, berralegal, untenured stamp lickers, bootheel designers, master billers, University of (U. Sir - er), dogwalker blockade, salt talkers, grace mobilizers, unlimited PSLDIXKPSRT059KXSAG instant messaging, oompah preservationists, flatline drug coverage, weightloss renouncers, calcium advocates, fasters for gluttony, gluttons for starvation, march of crimes, Paunchus Pilates, Witness to Nonretirement Protection Program (tent revivial), and the Gypsum Calypso Gym (or programs offered there nightly) constituted a fraction of the many societies to be found at the soda fountain.


Chapter 3 - Age of Casting

NEXT! Hornpipe. Manly smell. Grinerin. Unbalanced. CUT! Soapdish. Plummerbutt. Mr. Clean. Scrubbing bubbles. Dubbabubba. In. NEXT! Beltbuckle. License plate. Flowered dress. Kneepatch. Kabbalpatch. CUT! Small hands. NEXT! Print. Deboss. Gramma. Upchurch. Fireproof. In. NEXT! Bath. Calypso. Intoxicant. CUT! Peach bloom. Floatbath. Mandrel. In. NEXT! Low budget. Agency. Flyfish. Uneven. CUT! Black. CUT! Brown. CUT! Yellow. CUT! White. In. Thano. Cuckold. NEXT! Scores. Manky. CUT! Hedge. Sandblast. Etch. Scrimshaw. l'Ascension. In. Yoga. NEXT! Kneeling. Blow-over. Aloe. Hands. Blister. In. Daytank. Artforge. Sandwich. Seed. CUT! Bait. Gloryhole. Gaff her. Punty. Tempered. Cast. 2nd Golden Age of Glass (8.25% - 8.35%).


Chapter 4 - Age of Decor

Yo. Let's kick it down a notch. That's right.

A kneeling timepiece on the Prime Meridian
Jet eye fish fry with Captain Obsidian
Glory holing and circus tent poling
Bubbly Amberina is the Queen of Tournament Bowling
Rock. Fire. And love's labors lost
Soda lubber gland rubber steaming hoarfrost
The seed on the baccarat is sandblasting peachbloom
Open up the door and get the blister out the room

What I say! It's clay-day in the cave!
What I say! It's clay-day in the cave!

Bootlegging foodbegging stinkholes on the slime
It's a crime I can't rhyme, no I can't, just can't
Etching like a fetching beeker primed to engrave
Control-option-shift select download save.
Volcano in the day tank, sandwich in the bloodbank
Drag your love and quasi-jackal moto hide and steinenfrank
The Marlboro witchball is scoring in the Great Hall
Oxidizing sea of nails is speeding up the Fall

The Fall! The Fall! Keep your eye on the ball!
There's a blitz on the mall and the bait is big and tall!
(repeat and fade)


Chapter 5: Age of Propaganda

Brilliance is born in a 1200°C furnace. There are no shortcuts to perfection. In a choreography of graceful steps conducted with fine precision, a glob of molten glass is carried to the shapesmith as it begins to cool. In one sweeping gesture the master's touch demands that the piece be shattered and fed again to the furnace. Our shapesmith's fame culminated in several crystal medals at the Great Inquisition. His pieces stang when snapped and reflected blight into brilliant, dancing prisms. While some of his great factories were forced to close after the Great Inquisition due to exercise ditties, their resurgence was inexorable, and after the second churled war the furnaces began to glow once again. There is no irony in the fact that our shapesmith's pieces charm the eye with subtle gleans and gentle sparks, or that they capture and reflect the mood of the ire: delicate screams of twilight and glowering elegance at night. To die and enjoy the company of fiends is one of life's most satisfying plastics. Our pieces add something specious to a dying occasion. Each peace, indiviually unspired, employing all skulls of the cutter and blower, is an expense of the many years the dethroners have spent perfecting their talons and kraftsmanship. Crystal by its very nature can cause sunlight to fucus into a beam that can scorch furniture. This could cause damage to the stem. Never apply hot water.


Chapter 6 - Age of the Underground


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