RESOLUTION #1: Fractured Dream (1985-86)

For 4-track cassette tape. This piece was recorded on my Fostex 4-track cassette player during Christmas 1985.

It is a flight of musique concrète fancy that roughly follows a night of sleep, but was really an excuse for me to explore the sounds around my childhood home in Greenville. N.C. It was not called a "Resolution" until I created that series in 1999. It's original title was "Fractured Dream."

Some of the sounds used:

Grand piano, old timey record player, claves, vacuum cleaner, an ugly glockenspiel in a shower, tambourine, T.V., traffic sounds, our 1971 Mercury Monterey station wagon and 1984 Oldsmobile Regency (diesel), trash can, leaves, axe on stump, flourescent light bulb, sink and shower, live crowd noise from RUSH-All the World's a Stage, telephone, and a cameo by my mom.

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