The Schenectady Daily Gazette, September 14, 2001


"ASO Performance Pays Tribute to Victims"


"...Hause, a freelance composer and percussionist who lives in New York, told the audience the first movement was inspired by a display of circus toys he'd seen. 'It's full of little gizmos,' he said. Indeed, the movement is sort of a catchall for all sorts of musical things which come at the listener fast and furious. It presents technical challenges aplenty for the soloist and most impressive was the ease with which Berlin played everything the composer tossed his way. The trumpeter gave an 'Oh yeah? I can do that' kind of performance and his fluency and gorgeous sound were both amazing.

Berlin used a velvet-toned flumpet (a cross between a trumpet and flugelhorn) during the second movement and his phrasing was seamless.

The third movement is fast, quirky and tonally interesting because of its many passages for different sounding mutes. Again, it seemed to be a breeze for Berlin...." (Bill Rice)