Pedestrians (1995)

Trio for Piano and two Percussionists. Commissioned by Jack the Dog. First performed by the composer, Matthew Sexton and Carter Pann on a University of Michigan Composers Forum on April 22, 1996 (the composer's 29th birthday). These musicians are on the recording heard at this site.

Program notes:

Pedestrians was written in the summer of 1995. Its subtitle suggests its inspiration: "Summer in the City." Using an economy of musical material, the five-minute movement depicts an image of a wild city street bustling with diverse activity. Motorists, bicyclists, rollerbladers, skateboarders, joggers, and street musicians variously assert themselves and their music of choice, be it aloud or in headphones. Yet all activity comes to a relative halt for the pesky pedestrians, at once at the lowest and highest end of this urban "food chain."

Duration: 4:30

© by the Composer. All Rights Reserved. Licensing: BMI.

Performers on recording:
Evan Hause - Marimba/Vibraphone
Carter Pann - Piano
Matthew Sexton - Percussion

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