Nocturnes (1988)

Written in Oberlin, Ohio. First performance in Warner Concert Hall of the Oberlin Conservatory, April 25, 1988.

Program note:

Three movements for the odd combination of Viola, Electric Bass, Piano and Percussion with a surprise appearance in the third movement of off stage piccolo, flute, and alto flute. Dream images. I. Snowscape - a distant snowy wood moves to the foreground and then back; II. The City Under The Sky - a shining metropolis in a remote valley viewed from a mountaintop; III. At The Riverside - babbling, ritualistic, river of life.

1 "Snowscape"

2 "The City Under the Sky"

3 "At the Riverside"

© Evan Hause, BMI.


Viola - Caroline Coade
Piano- Andrew Harold
Fretless Electric Bass - Evan Hause
Percussion - Chris Anthony

Performance: April 25, 1988, Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin Conservatory