Music for Trumpet and (Two) Pianos (1986-87)

Composed for Charles Lazarus. Premiered by him at Crawford Hall of the North Carolina School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, NC on April 22, 1987 (the composer's 20th birthday).

This early and large composition is a lushly romantic rhapsody touching and many points of influence for the composer: Mahler, Bartok, reggae, rock, new age, Medieval music, blues, Shostakovich, film music, and the like. The are several recurring themes and accompaniments. A long string of thirds opens (descending) and closes (ascending) the work, and finds its way into the structure of the melodic material. The ultimate third section features a busy chromatic-bluesy waltz for the pianos on its way to apotheosis. The peaks and valleys of romantic expression as extreme as the instrumentation would allow for (in the opinion of the composer at the time).

Duration: 16:00


© Evan Hause, BMI

Charles Lazarus - Trumpet
Janice Judy and Margot Moss - Pianos